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FM CP Window Is Pushed Back to February

Several groups told the commission they need more time to prepare applications

Those who want to file for a noncommercial FM construction permit under the recently announced window will have more time to prepare those documents.

The Federal Communications Commission has moved the filing window to February.

We reported last week that the commission would open a window in December. However several non-profit groups — including the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Native Public Media, Public Radio Capital, Prometheus Radio Project and others — told the agency that non-profit groups most likely to file for the 67 vacant non-reserved FM band frequencies are governed by boards that meet infrequently.

The groups pressed the commission for more time to prepare applications for the vacant NCE FM allotments on Channels 221 through 300.

The new application window opens Feb. 19, 2010 and closes Feb. 26, 2010.