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FM Digital Booster Technology Development Advances

iBiquity and NAB FASTROAD co-funding project to bring new technology to broadcasters

Broadcasters are one step closer to being able to use on-channel FM digital boosters to expand their coverage area.

iBiquity Digital Corp. and NAB FASTROAD said that the first stages of just this project are complete. iBiquity is doing the work, which is co-funded by iBiquity and NAB’s FASTROAD technology advocacy program. FASTROAD is short for Flexible Advanced Services for Television & Radio On All Devices.

The boosters, strategically located within a station’s coverage area, would transmit only the digital portion of the hybrid IBOC signal. iBiquity is targeting a booster design that is interoperable among various transmission equipment manufacturers. The technology is reverse-compatible with existing receivers and supportable by existing FM IBOC broadcast products, such as exciters, through upgrades, according to the technology developer and NAB.

A technical report describing the results of laboratory testing of this new digital booster technology is available at the NAB FASTROAD Web site.