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FM Stations KRGN, WNRK Will Go HD Radio

FM Stations KRGN, WNRK Will Go HD Radio

Moving to turn on HD Radio are KRGN(FM) in Amarillo, Texas, and WNRK(FM) in Norwalk, Ohio.
Both have purchased equipment for their transitions in separate orders with Harris Corp.
KRGN, a Family Life station on 103.1 MHz, is using Harris digital and analog transmitters in a separate amplification installation. It also ordered an FM antenna, transmission line, STL system and studio equipment.
WNRK is a repeater station at 90.7 for Kent State University station WKSU(FM). It purchased a Harris digital transmitter, FM digital exciter and NeuStar codec processor, which can be configured for 5.1 surround sound or supplemental audio applications.
WNRK is one of four repeater stations for WKSU and will be the first digital buildout in the network, Harris stated.