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FM Subcarrier Pact For Clariti in Italy

FM Subcarrier Pact For Clariti in Italy

Clariti Telecommunications International, Ltd. (Nasdaq: CLRI) has signed an agreement to use the subcarrier capacity of a network of over 300 FM radio stations owned or controlled by Italy’s Centro di Produzione S.p.A., known as the “Radio Radicale” network, to deploy its ClariCAST technology.
Centro di Produzione S.p.A. is affiliated with the Pasubio Group that signed a joint venture agreement with Clariti Telecommunications earlier this year to form “RadioNet
Italia” and will also make an equity investment in Clariti.
Clariti has developed a new proprietary digital wireless technology called ClariCAST, which uses FM radio spectrum, allowing Clariti to set up a ClariCAST system without spectrum acquisition, tower construction, and maintenance costs.
Clariti President/CEO Peter Pelullo stated, “This agreement signed with Centro di Produzione will allow our joint venture RadioNet Italia to deploy ClariCAST technology on a national scale via Radio Radicale and will bring new wireless voice and data applications to the Italian market.”
Paul Dionne, Managing Director of RadioNet Italia and CFO of Pasubio Group, said the pact “allows Centro to optimize their currently unused FM subcarrier channels, and provides a backbone for RadioNet Italia’s diverse wireless products and services including applications for informational and entertainment content.”