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FM-Hi Shizuoka Installs Glensound’s Dark 88

Japanese station is first customer for company’s Dante audio interface

Glensound has announced the first installation of its Dark 88 Dante audio interface in Japan at the radio station FM-Hi Shizuoka. Deployed in March, the station features two Dark 88s to serve as a studio transmitter link across leased dark fibers from Glensound’s Japanese partner, Maple Audio Technology Corp.

Dark 88 is an eight-input and eight-output analog interface with network connections to a Dante network, or directly between two Dark 88s. Suitable for program audio, the system features twin switch mode AC power supplies, four network connections, a primary and redundant copper/CAT 5 link and primary and redundant SFP slots for fiber links.

According to Glensound, at FM-Hi Shizuoka, the fiber length between the studio and the transmitter is 1.6 km with the link at 1 Gbps and a loss of about 7 dBm. In addition, 20 km bi-directional SFP modules were used for the fiber link, with a wavelength of 1330 nm in one direction and 1550 nm in the other. A long distance Wi-Fi transceiver system is connected to the studio as a backup; reception level of the Wi-Fi power is around negative 53 dBm.

The link system also features Glensound’s Signature SD1s to serve as a silence detector, providing alarms and a switched backup in case of audio loss.