FM-Hi Shizuoka Installs Glensound’s Dark 88

Japanese station is first customer for company’s Dante audio interface
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Glensound has announced the first installation of its Dark 88 Dante audio interface in Japan at the radio station FM-Hi Shizuoka. Deployed in March, the station features two Dark 88s to serve as a studio transmitter link across leased dark fibers from Glensound’s Japanese partner, Maple Audio Technology Corp.

Dark 88 is an eight-input and eight-output analog interface with network connections to a Dante network, or directly between two Dark 88s. Suitable for program audio, the system features twin switch mode AC power supplies, four network connections, a primary and redundant copper/CAT 5 link and primary and redundant SFP slots for fiber links.

According to Glensound, at FM-Hi Shizuoka, the fiber length between the studio and the transmitter is 1.6 km with the link at 1 Gbps and a loss of about 7 dBm. In addition, 20 km bi-directional SFP modules were used for the fiber link, with a wavelength of 1330 nm in one direction and 1550 nm in the other. A long distance Wi-Fi transceiver system is connected to the studio as a backup; reception level of the Wi-Fi power is around negative 53 dBm.

The link system also features Glensound’s Signature SD1s to serve as a silence detector, providing alarms and a switched backup in case of audio loss.