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Ford Focus Gets Sony System With HD Radio

Carmaker plays up the brand in its premium small car

Ford is making a big deal out of the Sony sound system that’s available in its new Ford Focus — and the fact that it includes HD Radio and iTunes tagging.

This also expands availability of the HD Radio format in more affordable, mass-market autos. The Focus retails in the high teens.

Ford calls the new Focus “the first global premium small car to feature a branded and designed audio system from Sony … (and) the first car in its class to offer HD Radio digital broadcasts and iTunes Tagging capability through the segment-exclusive 355-watt audio system.”

Ford says more broadly, it wants to incorporate consumer electronic products from recognized household brands, and this is part of that.

Focus models with Sony will be available in North America early in 2011.

IBiquity Digital President/CEO Bob Struble said the announcement is notable as a milestone in the plan laid out earlier by Ford to implement HD Radio in its vehicles.