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Ford Foundation Earmarks $50 Million to Public Media

Ford Foundation Earmarks $50 Million to Public Media

The Ford Foundation is giving $50 million in grants over five years to public media, including radio, TV and other non-profit groups.
The foundation wants to ensure that public media organizations will have funds to create programming “in a rapidly changing media environment.”
Since 1951, the foundation has provided more than $435 million in funds to public radio and TV.
The new grants add the Internet, satellite TV and print to the funding stable.
Public radio gets $13.5 million and public TV $21.75 million of the total.
Of radio’s $13.5 million, $7.5 million is earmarked for NPR, $2.5 million is for Public Radio International, $2 million for Public Radio Capital and $1.5 million is for the Public Radio Exchange.