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Ford Gives SiriusXM Subscribers Access to Online Streams In-Car

Automaker says it’s first to market by tying SiriusXM Internet Radio App to SYNC AppLink

Ford is giving customers access to the SiriusXM Internet Radio App in vehicles equipped with its Sync AppLink. The automaker says it’s the first to do so.

While Ford already includes SiriusXM Satellite Radio-ready receivers in the dash of several models, now drivers that have the app on their smartphones will have access to satellite radio streams as well, in their dashboard.

Using the app, customers can personalize many of those satellite radio channels. Drivers can control the experience using voice commands, steering wheel or radio controls. 

The SiriusXM Internet Radio App will also give subscribers access to its on-demand service.

Drivers of one million Ford vehicles equipped with Sync AppLink now can use the new app after downloading it to their compatible iPhone or Android smartphone. Once tethered, they can connect to Sync AppLink for in-vehicle control of MySXM and On Demand.

Customers buying any new Ford equipped with satellite radio will receive a six-month subscription to SiriusXM.