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Fort Myers Pirate Fined $15,000

FCC says Albert Knighten admitted he had no license

The FCC fined Albert Knighten $15,000 for operating a pirate station on 107.5 MHz in Fort Myers, Fla.

Responding to a complaint from an anonymous caller, agents from the Enforcement Bureau’s Tampa office traced the source of RF transmissions to an FM antenna mounted on a tower at Knighten’s residence in December, 2011.

Later that month, the agents traced the illegal signal again to confirm the unlicensed station remained on-air.

Local law enforcement became involved, and executed a search warrant. Knighten was present and admitted he had no station license. The FCC agents inspected the station equipment before it was seized for evidence.

Knighten admitted buying and installing the equipment, and said he was the only person operating the station, according to the agency account.

The agents also found a video available on the Internet showing Knighten being interviewed about the station, which he called Dunbar Community Radio.

Knighten has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.