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Fostex 24-Track Recorder/Editor

Fostex 24-Track Recorder/Editor

Fostex introduced the latest edition to its line of digital multitracks, the D2424 hard disk 24/96 recorder/editor. It features 24 tracks with 32 virtual tracks for a total of 56 tracks. The unit can Copy/Paste between programs and it features a dedicated all-input key.
New features on this unit include the “Auto EE” mode that automatically activates all-input monitor when stopped and a mark-stop function that stops a song at a designated locate point. A foot switch is added to remotely punch in and out as well as an extension slot for an Ethernet card.
Optional accessories include the 8350 eight-channel AES/EBU card and 9044 DVD-RAM drive.
The unit can also be ordered without the hard drive for custom applications and the chassis color is black to offer a more professional appearance.
For more information contact Fostex in California at (562) 921-1112 or visit the Web site at
Paul Cogan