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Foti and Shay From Telos Alliance Speak at IEEE

Both to address digital audio transport methods and applications

Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti and Chief Science Officer Greg Shay are planned speakers at the IEEE Broadcast Symposium next week at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego.

Both will speak at the “Technologies for Radio” session, chaired by Greater Media VP for Engineering, Milford Smith. It starts at 8:30 a.m., Oct. 11.

Foti will speak on “MPX Over AES: Digital Connectivity for FM-Stereo.” He explained, “MPX over AES has become a very hot topic in FM broadcasting … This idea has actually been percolating for some time. In fact, Omnia began grassroots efforts in this area way back in 1998, so we’re naturally quite gratified that this technology is finally seeing the light of day.” A release adds that Foti will also discuss the “benefits of the new Omnia Direct digital interface, which was jointly developed with Nautel, Ltd.”

Shay’s presentation is “Audio Over IP Networks for the Radio Broadcast Studio: More Than an Interface Technology, It Is the Ecosystem.” He says, “IP networked audio started out as an enabling interface technology … But now IP networking has become such the foundation of all communications technologies, that the design of a modern radio broadcast studio is defined by fitting into this IP network ecosystem.”