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Foti Talks Up 5.1 to Hollywood Types

Foti Talks Up 5.1 to Hollywood Types

Omnia President Frank Foti speaks about 5.1 audio for FM radio at an upcoming event in Hollywood.
The Surround 2004 International Conference in September targets musicians, producers and audio engineers working in the surround sound arena.
“You can’t even buy a plain old ‘stereo’ receiver anymore,” Foti stated in the announcement. “It’s no surprise that audio professionals are excited by the prospect of bringing 5.1 audio to FM broadcasts.”
Telos/Omnia and Fraunhofer Institute (FhG) market a spatial audio coding system that they say enables transmission of 5.1 channel surround audio for FM broadcasters using HD Radio technology. The “Coded-Discrete” system, they say, also is compatible with stereo broadcasts.
A white paper on the topic is at