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Foundation Again Readies for Hurricane Impact

BFA highlights available help for current and former broadcast industry people who are in financial need

Requests for emergency aid are still coming in to the Broadcasters Foundation of America after Hurricane Florence, but now the organization says it’s preparing for a possible influx from the pending Hurricane Michael.

“Broadcasters whose personal lives or property are acutely affected by Hurricanes Michael or Florence are encouraged to find out if they qualify for an emergency grant” by BFA’s hurricane relief page, it stated. “State broadcast associations in affected areas are working with the Broadcasters Foundation to alert members that they can apply for aid.”

The foundation also has an Emergency Grant Relief Program with an expedited application process to deliver funds as quickly as possible to individuals who work or have worked in broadcasting and meet its qualification guidelines. Grants are based on financial need and are now available up to $2,000 after the board recently raised the limit.

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