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Four More Broadcasters to Go Live With DRM

Four More Broadcasters to Go Live With DRM

Four more broadcasters have revealed their participation in DRM’s inaugural broadcasts on June 16: BBC World Service, CBC/Radio Canada International, Radio Vaticana and Wales Radio International. Additionally, network operator VT Merlin Communications announces its participation. DRM is a digital system for short-wave, medium-wave/AM and long-wave with the ability to use existing frequencies and bandwidth.
This month, BBC World Service is proud to announce its first regular high-power DRM service on medium-wave, broadcast from VT Merlin Communication’s transmitter site at Orfordness (U.K.) on 1296 kHz.
CBC Transmission and RCI have relayed DRM test transmissions of the BBC World Service, in English, from Sackville since January 2003.
Digital Radio Mondiale members will broadcast on June 16 to debut in conjunction with the International Telecommunications Union’s World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva.