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Four South Florida Pirates Rack Up $65,000 in Fines

Commission says none responded to initial notices so the penalties move to the next phase

When we last wrote about four South Florida men that the commission had said operated pirate stations, the men were fined.

Now, the FCC says none of them — Damian Anthony Ojouku Allen, Michael William Downer, McArthur Bussey and Burt Byng — responded to the Notices of Liability issued this summer.

So now the agency has upheld a total of $65,000 in fines and issued Forfeiture Orders.

Downer and Allen were fined $20,000 each for operating unauthorized stations on 101.1MHz in Pompano Beach and 102.1 MHz in Lauderhill. Bussey was told to pay$15,000 for operating a pirate at 89.1 MHz in Fort Lauderdale while Byng received a $10,000 penalty for operating an unauthorized facility on 107.1 in Miami.

They have 30 days to pay or the cases may be turned over to the Justice Department for collection.

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