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FRANCE: Media Unites for “Charlie to Live”

French broadcasters condemn deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo, offer aid so publication can keep running

In the wake of Wednesday’s assault, which left 12 dead at the Paris offices of French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, media in France is coming together in solidarity with the victims and for the freedom of expression.

Radio France, Le Monde and France Télévisions announced in a common press release that they are making available to Charlie Hebdo their human and material resources so that the publication can “continue to live.”

The three groups invited all French media to join them in safeguarding the principles of independence and freedom of thought and expression.

Also, during a broadcast on French national commercial radio network RTL on Thursday morning — a national day of mourning in France for those killed in the attack — Yves Calvi, RTL morning show host and journalist, read a statement on behalf of all radio broadcasters in the country.

“In the name of all the major radio stations in France, we send our colleagues, their families, to those who died protecting them and to all the Charlie Hebdo team our most heartfelt thoughts,” he said. “Through them, it is the freedom of the press and more importantly the spirit of freedom that have brought wounds to the heart.”

Calvi added, “The satirical press shakes, awakens and stirs the conscience. It invites us to laugh in order to better counteract sectarianism and fundamentalism. More than ever, freedom of thought and freedom of expression animate our daily work. On this day of mourning, we would like to say that we do not surrender to threat or terror. We will not let the silence settle.”

— Marguerite Clark