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France’s Europe 1 Upgrades With Harman

Chooses Studer OnAir 3000 digital consoles

French radio station Europe 1 has added a pair of Harman Studer OnAir 3000 digital consoles to its studios. The consoles were sold through Audiopole.

As part of a redesign to its studios and after an extensive review of console options, the network opted for the OnAir 3000 consoles. The consoles are Modulo types, featuring rack-mountable mainframes that house the power supplies and host processing and are mounted into the desks.

The OnAir 3000 design is based on a modular desk and a new DSP engine. The fader includes six strips, and up to eight fader modules may be fitted. The company point out that its layout can vary from a comprehensive engineer-operated continuity console to a single fader panel for DJ and newsroom use or a PC-operated system with no physical desk controls.

The console has three main stereo mix buses plus an audition facility, four stereo aux. buses, 16 mix-minus sends, configurable as AUXes and three independent studio monitoring circuits and offers full dynamics, EQ and input/output routing in each channel.

“The console is very easy to use and the users are happy to get extensive talk-back capabilities on the console from the control room to the headphones in the studio and to external phone lines and codec as well,” said Michaël Allouche, Europe 1’s head of engineering. “Using the snapshots is also very useful, there are many different users and they have all their own configuration.”