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Fraunhofer Seeks ‘Same-Room’ Experience for Mobile

It demos audio/video package over a 4G network

The researchers at codec designer Fraunhofer IIS are putting a lot of their focus on mobile phones these days.

At the just-concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the German research entity demonstrated HD communication over an LTE-A, or “Long-Term Evolution Advanced,” 4G cellular network. The demo featured low-delay, CD-quality audio combined with HD video.

“Fraunhofer’s technology allows users to experience completely natural mobile phone conversation, just as if the participants were sitting in the same room,” the company enthused.

Among its offerings for HD communication over LTE is an Audio Communication Engine, which Fraunhofer says combines several components to improve the quality and clarity of calls, including AAC Enhanced Low Delay coding, multi-channel echo control software and matched IP streaming stack and error concealment tools.

Fraunhofer also demonstrated a matching low-delay video offering based on H.264, enabling HD video at 4G compatible bit-rates.

“This combination of technologies delivers the highest audio and video quality along with imperceptible latency, enabling 4G network operators to provide a dramatically improved communications experience compared to current network technologies.”

Nonprofit Fraunhofer IIS was the developer of mp3 and co-developer of AAC. Its technologies also are used in various broadcast platforms including Digital Radio Mondiale, DAB and Sirius XM.