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Fraunhofer to Introduce Updated DRM ContentServer

Fraunhofer to Introduce Updated DRM ContentServer

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is set to introduce its professional encoder and broadcast solution Fraunhofer Digital Radio Mondiale, ContentServer R4, as well as the Fraunhofer DRM Developer Solution.
Both products will be demonstrated at upcoming conventions in Berlin and Amsterdam.
In these applications, DRM is being used to replace AM analog with a digital signal.
The Fraunhofer DRM ContentServe R4 contains the DRM AudioServer for real-time encoding of up to four audio streams in parallel from live audio input or MP3 playlist, the DRM Multimedia DataServer that provides the listener with data services like text messages, and the DRM Multiplex Generator that creates the standardized MDI/DCP multiplex signal including Single Frequency Network support.
New features include Web-based remote administration and scheduled data service updates from standardized RSS information sources.
The Fraunhofer DRM Developer Solution is a broadcasting chain for laboratory use, designed to support quick development of DRM receivers. It combines functionality of the Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer R4 “Developer Edition” and the Fraunhofer DRM Test Equipment DT 230.
The DRM Developer Solution provides DRM signaling functionality, the creation and verification of DRM data services and audio configurations such as live modulation and channel simulation.
The new Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer R4 is available for licensing.