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Free Holiday Programming From North Carolina Public Station

Free Holiday Programming From North Carolina Public Station

North Carolina’s noncommercial WCPE is touting its programming as a holiday resource for small public stations.
“What do you do when your volunteers are gone and your staff wants time off,” the station asks in its press release this week. “Sign off? Pull marathon shifts? Load a CD player and hit Shuffle?”
In fact WCPE regularly offers its programming for rebroadcast, without charge or royalty, on Galaxy 5 to stations that have access to a home C-band satellite dish and receiver. It promotes programs such as “Sleepers Awake,” “The WCPE Opera House” and “Great Sacred Music.” But this service can be particularly helpful, the station suggests, during the holidays, when small stations have a hard time providing full-time programming.
About a dozen stations are listed as re-broadcasters by WCPE.
The service is offered as-is, with WCPE’s announcements. The station offers a 30-second ID/promotional opportunity each hour and shares any gifts from identified listeners. Info: