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Free Micropower: ‘Radio Re-Volt’ Makes a Point in Minneapolis

Free Micropower: 'Radio Re-Volt' Makes a Point in Minneapolis

Making a statement about radio, an arts center in Minneapolis is giving out micropower transmitter kits this month.
According to a report in Wired magazine, the Walker Art Center is holding workshops at which people are given kits and taught how to build their own mobile radio station that can be heard for a couple of hundred feet.
“The kits, which cost about $20, include a transmitter and circuit board about the size of a credit card, a built-in microphone and a jack to plug in a CD or MP3 player,” Wired reports.
“Music from the device can be transmitted over the radio, or a broadcaster can talk, whistle, hum, sing or whatever into the microphone. The transmitters are powered by four AA batteries, and the entire setup can fit into a pocket or the palm of someone’s hand.”
It said some of the microbroadcasters will get together and broadcast on Oct. 28. “If all goes as planned, drivers tuning their radios to 97.7 FM will be able to hear independent talk radio and music stations fading in and out as they travel along the 6-mile stretch of road.”
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