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Frequency Coordination Kicks in for Inauguration

Frequency Coordination Kicks in for Inauguration

If you need frequency coordination for covering the inauguration, save this contact info:
Robert Denney Jr. at (301) 686-1801 or [email protected].
The FCC has designated Denney of Denney & Associates as the point of contact for auxiliary broadcast frequency coordination for the 2005 presidential inauguration in Washington.
The Washington Executive Broadcast Engineers Frequency Coordinators Inc. asked the commission to select such a coordinator.
Part 74, 78 and 101 licensees sharing spectrum available under Part 74 of the FCC rules and operating in the designated area are covered by this action. The area is defined as a 100 kilometer radius of Lafayette Park across from the White House for terrestrial stations; and as a 150 kilometer radius for mobile operations originating onboard aircraft.
The commission used a similar coordination arrangement for the 2004 political conventions, 2002 Olympics and the previous inauguration.