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From Euro-Chip to “Smart Radio”

EBU rebrands hybrid radio Euro-Chip initiative

The European Broadcasting Union has rebranded its hybrid radio Euro-Chip initiative with the tagline “Smart Radio,” according to the EBU website.

The 18-member Euro-Chip Club met in Geneva to approve the new campaign, which promotes the integration of analog and digital broadcast chips for mobile devices — a hybrid future for radio. The initiative has already gained the support of seven European commercial and 11 public service broadcasters and associations.

Christian Vogg, EBU’s head of radio, says that the organization aims to convince mobile network operators and hardware manufacturers that they must market devices that support access to radio via Internet streaming.

“Chips that can handle analog and digital terrestrial radio are readily available,” Vogg said. “The bundled support of public service and commercial radio strengthens arguments to carmakers, mobile networks and smartphone operators. Hybrid is the future of radio.”