Frontier Has Digital Radio Remote Control App

Works with DAB, FM, Internet radio, other services; it's sold on iTunes store for use with certain networked devices
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Semiconductor company Frontier Silicon unveiled an Apple app that it says can control any networked audio device based on its Jupiter 6.2, its reference design for Wi-Fi radio applications.

The London-based manufacturer builds ICs and modules for digital and Internet radio receivers and mobile TV. Frontier Silicon is demonstrating its offerings to product makers at the IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin.

Listeners can use this app as a remote control to select DAB, FM, Internet radio, and Pandora services and control volume up/down, play, pause, "love/ban" and EQ settings.

Also, Frontier says, users can access and control the playback of a music library from a Win7 PC or DLNA-compliant device; they can play music files from a USB memory stick plugged into the device.

Companies can customize the app to reflect the brand image and look and feel of the end product; it supports multiple languages, including English and German.