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Frontier Silicon Launches DABplus

Frontier Silicon Launches DABplus

Semiconductor manufacturer Frontier Silicon has added features to its Eureka-147 chip that it says will enable an electronic program guide and personal-video-recorder-like capabilities for digital radio.
DABplus is a combination of an electronic program guide and recording and timer
capabilities for its Venice module. More than 2 million such DAB modules have been shipped, says Frontier Silicon.
Frontier Silicon CEO Anthony Sethil said with DABplus, “Users can bring up seven days of programs, select what they want to listen to or record, and use timers to record their favorite programs onto a memory card for playback on the same radio or any other compatible audio player.”
The Venice module requires only power source, antenna, display and keypad to be added to create a DAB receiver, says Frontier, which also provides a software interface to allow for display of text information.