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Supplies DAB module, software to support Internet radio offering
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Chipmaker Frontier Silicon is partnering with for its Internet radio service. With this partnership, they said, consumer electronics manufacturers can add a feature in their hardware radios or connected audio equipment using Frontier Silicon's hardware and software that allows users to access the personal radio service of

Frontier Silicon's Venice 6.2 module and IR2.0 Software Development Kit enables multiple content streams, Internet radio, digital radio (DAB/DAB+/DMB-A), FM, network audio and premium music services. Frontier Silicon also provides the Jupiter 6.2 reference platform, Jupiter 6.2, including the module and software along with LCD graphic display.

Frontier Silicon CEO Anthony Sethill said market indicators predict great growth for Internet radio and his company's module and software allows "to quickly implement streaming and networked audio capability."

The companies expect to see products in mass production based on Frontier Silicon's technology for's Internet radio service in May.


Frontier Silicon Upgrades Venice

"With the launch of DAB+ in Australia this year, we have taken the strategic decision to develop the Venice 5.1 module so that our customers are ready to supply digital radios during the second half of 2008 as the market develops."