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FSR Uses Radio to Take Aim at Cybersecurity Bill

Taps WTOP for morning drive ad flight

The Financial Services Roundtable has launched a Washington media campaign to urge the Senate to pass the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which would allow businesses including cable ISPs share cyber threat information, including shielding the from liability for errors in that sharing, and has chosen radio and digital platforms to do it.

The Senate is expected to take up the bill as early as this week.

A spokesperson for the roundtable said the campaign would run several weeks, but had no hard end date, and would feature ads on WTOP(FM) in Washington as well social media and mobile banner ads. The radio ads will run Tuesday through Thursday in morning drive.

There is also a YouTube video backing the bill.

The ads are meant to counter the other side of the issue, privacy groups and some computer companies complaining that the bill will “sweep away” protections and “let companies off the hook” for improper sharing of personal info (the liability protection).

Cable operators, who would get that liability carve-out, support the bill. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association said last week.