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Full Compass to Distribute Stand Line

Triad-Orbit brings high tech to mic stands

It looks as if the art of the seemingly simple microphone stand is getting more complex.

Equipment retailer Full Compass has announced that it is the distributor of Triad-Orbit’s Advanced Microphone Stand Systems. The Triad-Orbit stands utilize far more than the traditional screw-in, compression clutch and clip elements.

With stainless steel ball swivel and ratchet “mechanisms,” and a variety of other fasteners, clutches, couplers and locking devices the Triad-Orbit system can be worked into unusual angles and extended reaches. A release says that it can tilt at 65 degrees without tipping over. Single-arm and dual-arm boom systems are available.

Full Compass CEO Jonathan Lipp said he was “impressed with how thoroughly every element has been researched, engineered and tested.” He added, “Attention to detail, superior materials and high manufacturing standards all contribute lasting value to the product.”