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“Full Content” Increases ASL for NextRadio

Stations that provide art in addition to logo have longer listening times

TagStation says that an analysis of listener data for its NextRadio app demonstrates the value that providing “full content” provides. This data was compiled using 12+ million minutes of NextRadio listening in 43 markets for stations that switched from displaying their logo only to full data.

Maura Kautsky, vice president of marketing, explains that “full content means they are serving album artwork when songs are playing, adding in DJ pics and other promotional images when DJs are on air, and could be showing an image that aligns with on-air advertising spot.”

The app currently has 1,700 stations that fall under this threshold, and the TagStation study shows that those stations saw a 14.3% increase in average session length within the first three months of switching from Free Logo to Full TagStation Services in its app participation. In practical terms, this is essentially three additional minutes of radio listening per day for these stations, with an average of 22.6 minutes ASL for the music stations analyzed and 30.5 minutes ASL for talk format stations.