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Future Broadcaster Scholarship Money Available

Connecticut Broadcasting Association ponies up again for students

Broadcasters in Connecticut are putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to future broadcasters.

The CBA Scholarship Awards for 2012 promises that up to $100,000 grants will be awarded, from one-year $2,500 grants to the $5,000 Nelson Brown Scholarship and the $10,000 Paul K. Taff Scholarship. Scholarships are based on need or demonstrated talent.

The scholarships are limited to Connecticut residents though they are not limited to Connecticut schools. Recipients winners are allowed to attend the school of their choice (four-year, two year, technical, etc.) so long as they are pursuing a career in broadcasting, communications, marketing, engineering or electronics. Applicants may graduating high school students or entering their second, third or fourth year of school.

According to the CBA, over the last seven years it has awarded in excess of $400,000 in scholarships.

Deadline for the application is March 17.