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Futuri Helps Broadcasters Tap Into Voter Opinions

Audience sentiment analysis tool will also be available during final debate

Futuri Media, a provider of real-time audience engagement technology for broadcasters, offered an audience sentiment analysis tool during the Presidential Debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump in St. Louis.

Through a window embedded on TV and radio station apps and websites, thousands of self-reported registered voters indicated whether they agreed or disagreed with the candidates in real time.

Voters of all political persuasions were more likely to be socially engaged during certain points of the debate, Futuri concluded. However, whether listeners/viewers were Democrats, Republicans or independents did affect whether or not they were more likely or not to agree with the candidates on certain issues.

Also, the company provided insight on debate-fueled social trends, as monitored by TopicPulse. The online conversation was dominated by the controversial Trump audio recording, according to Futuri analysis.

Clients will also be able to utilize it at the final debate on Oct. 19, and users will also receive subsequent debate analysis, summary and talking points following the debate.