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Futuri Revamps LDR1

New futures and revisions for radio broadcast social app suite

Futuri Media, formerly known as Listener Driven Radio, has announced that its LDR1 platform has undergone “a major evolution.”

The company says, “New features include in-depth artist pages; news, social, and timed voting session information right on the front of the module; and native advertising opportunities. Several other features have been reenvisioned and refreshed.”

Overall, it says there is more of an emphasis on mobile interaction and social media capabilities along with more sales tools.

Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig said, “This evolution of LDR1 will enable us to keep our clients on the cutting edge of listener engagement and further move the needle on ratings, revenue, and digital engagement. All current LDR1 stations will be migrated to the new version in the next few weeks.”