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Futuri TopicPulse Available in Version 3

Customized GUI and new tools for social media content detector

Futuri Media says that it has a new version available of its TopicPulse social media intelligence program.

According to a release Version 3 allows significant customization of the dashboard interface along with offering predicted trends via a viral detector, advanced targeting of defined demographics, intelligence on competitors’ coverage and a topic predictor for sussing topics and content that may not be readily apparent.

“TopicPulse scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, message boards, blogs, and news sources to provide real-time guidance on what’s trending in local social media,” Futuri Media explains.

Futuri President/CEO Daniel Anstandig said, “We built TopicPulse to be a comprehensive ‘buy, sell, hold’ system for local content producers. Using sophisticated monitoring and algorithms, it provides real-time guidance for local broadcasters on which content matters most to their audience. Research continues to show that heavy social media users are research-friendly consumers — which means that knowing what is trending in your market on social can help to drive intelligent content decisions and maximize ratings.”