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Garber Calls Times Radio Article ‘Inaccurate’

Garber Calls Times Radio Article 'Inaccurate'

The head of the Southern California Broadcasters Association takes on the New York Times in a letter to its editorial board. SCBA President Mary Beth Garber takes issue with an article titled “Satellite Radio Takes Off” that ran earlier this week.
Garber quotes the Times article: “To satisfy Wall Street, station owners cut costs by combining station operations in a given market and pumping up the number of advertisements per hour; meanwhile, programming formats became narrower and more uniform. All these moves nearly doubled the industry’s revenue in five years, but they also gave satellite radio its opening.”
Garber tells the Times radio’s audience is growing every year, stations air what their listeners indicate they want to hear and “it’s difficult ‘to be uniform in every market’ when local participants determine much of the flavor of what’s on the air.”
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