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GatesAir Modernizes Sistema Clube de Comunicação

GatesAir plans to build two new sites with Flexiva FM transmitters

Sistema Clube de Comunicação in Brazil is set to receive a boost to its over-the-air broadcast infrastructure in the Sao Paolo region with the help of GatesAir and Foccus Digital Brazil.

The project will expand FM coverage using liquid and air-cooled transmitters to power single-frequency networks.

The plan for the FM rollout will be to construct two new sites powered by GatesAir’s Flexiva FM transmitters, including the installation of a Flexiva FLX liquid-cooled transmitter and one Flexiva FAX air-cooled transmitter.

In addition, says the firm, the GatesAir Intraplex SynchroCast technology will network FM content across multiple transmission sites over IP to ensure all transmitters deliver program content to specific coverage areas.

GatesAir is also working on upgrading Sistema Clube’s existing ISDB-Tb digital TV infrastructure as part of the project.