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GatesAir Signs Deal in Mexico

Grupo Imagen continues FM and TV network rollout with Flexiva FM and Maxiva TV transmitters

GatesAir recently won a contract in Mexico for the continued rollout of Grupo Imagen’s FM and TV networks.

In collaboration with GatesAir channel partner, Escape, the project consists of 11 Flexiva FAX air-cooled FM radio transmitters ranging from 2.5 kW and 40 kW as well as a mix of Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled and UAXTE air-cooled UHF TV transmitters.

GatesAir says it won the contract thanks to the “high performance and reliability of previous-generation transmitters that have long been in operation.” GatesAir adds that two of its field engineers based in Mexico will provide local service and support, which Grupo Imagen pointed to as an important deciding factor against competitive suppliers.

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In addition, says GatesAir, the media house identified “reduced maintenance and common spare parts as significant benefits, as all 18 new transmitters will be spread across 17 cities.”

All Flexiva and Maxiva transmitters in the network will share the same hot-swappable power supplies and amplifier modules.