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Gay Radio Marriage: Twist Meets Pride

Two brands in the gay radio niche are combining.

Two brands in the gay radio niche are combining.

The weekly syndicated two-hour program “Radio with a Twist” will be added to Clear Channel Radio’s Pride Radio USA Network, Premiere Radio Networks said. Premiere has been syndicating the show for about a year.

The program is produced by Wilderness Media & Entertainment; it will continue with hosts Dennis Hensley and Melissa Carter, who now will be joined by Pride Radio hosts Ryan & Caroline.

“The partnership will provide a multi-platform radio initiative with a gay sensibility, designed to not only appeal to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender (LGBT) audience, but also their straight friends and families,” the companies said. The combined program will be syndicated through Premiere.

Matt Farber is president of Wilderness Media & Entertainment and founder of MTV’s Logo network.

Clear Channel’s Evan Harrison said by combining the shows and the hosts, “we’ve strengthened the program while expanding its reach.”

Pride Radio was created by Clear Channel Radio’s Format Lab initiative and launched in spring of 2006. The weekend program “Radio with a Twist” started in January of that year and was the first nationally syndicated commercial radio brand aimed at the LGBT audience, their friends and families.

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