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Gear4 Offers iPhone App to Control Internet Receiver

HouseParty Airwave also tunes DAB and FM

App-based remote control of consumer devices is the buzz these days. Here’s a particular manifestation of the trend that will be of interest especially where DAB digital radio is used.

A new app for use with Apple iPhone or iPod Touch provides remote control of the HouseParty Airwave, an Internet/DAB/FM radio receiver.

Gear4 and Frontier Silicon developed the app to enable remote control of features in the device, which is a combo iPhone/iPod dock, digital radio and wireless network streaming receiver. A UPnP network playback feature allows a user to play music wirelessly from a server on a home network.

The app accesses the HouseParty AirWave via Wi-Fi and allows the user to tune the radio (Internet, DAB or FM), browse a home MP3 collection, view album art and choose music to hear.

The product uses a Frontier Silicon-based Internet radio module working with the AirWave iPhone App. The free application is sold on the Apple iTunes store.

Gear4 is owned by U.K.-based Disruptive Ltd., a maker of iPod accessories. Frontier Silicon, based in London, makes ICs and modules for digital audio receivers and other audio products.