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Geico: 1.9 Million Radio Spots

That’s a lot of gekko

Quick, who ran the most radio spots in 2009?

Well our headline gave it away; but if you were thinking gekkos and googly eyes, you were right.

Media Monitors, which keeps track of such things, says Geico led the way in U.S. radio spots with about 1.9 million of them, moving up from the third slot a year earlier. It also noted that Wal-Mart fell from the second spot to the seventh.

Here’s the list, with last year’s ranking in parens. (Note that last year, Media Monitors ranked the HD Digital Radio Alliance, and it showed up first; this year it omits those radio industry-backed spots).

Geico: 1.9 million spots (3)
Home Depot: 1.7 million (5)
McDonald’s: 1.1 million (6)
Verizon: 1.06 million (4)
AT&T: 946,600 (7)
Autozone: 817,850 (8)
Wal-Mart: 741,450 (2)
Safelite Autoglass: 663,000
OnStar: 480,000
Kohl’s: 468,000

Toyota and RadioShack, last year’s 9th and 10th ranked, fell off the top 10 list.

Overall, “The totals for the top 10 advertisers is about the same in both years,” stated Media Monitors, which is owned by Clear Channel.

“In 2008, the top 10 paying radio advertisers ran 9,576,155 spots and in 2009, the top 10 ran 9,977,933. And this year will probably be better.”