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Geneva Motor Show Explores DAB+

Showcases in-car listening experience

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show will demonstrate DAB+’s audio and visual radio services thanks to WorldDMB, the European Broadcasting Union and Swiss public broadcaster SSR SRG.

“The Geneva Motor Show provides a perfect platform for manufacturers to showcase in-car receivers with the broadcaster’s services on air,” said Thomas Saner, head of strategic distribution planning at the technology and information headquarters of SRG SSR.

Show visitors will be able to listen to services on-air in Switzerland and see digital radio integrated into dashboards because a number of automotive manufacturers are already offering DAB+, either as a standard line fit or an option.

“The automotive industry is recognizing that in-car DAB+ digital radio is part of the future solution to providing information and entertainment to drivers, as well as enhancing safety,” EBU Director of Technology and Innovation Simon Fell.

“DAB+ was originally designed to be a mobile technology, making it an ideal carrier of free-to-air, one-to-many, entertainment and information. DAB+ also allows for increased amounts of information coming into the car, including TPEG, which offers drivers real-time traffic and travel information. DAB/DAB+ digital radio also allows for tunnel rebroadcast systems and emergency announcements, which fit with Directive 2004/54/EC.”

The Geneva Motor Show will run from March 6–16. A full list of DAB+ radio services on air during the show will be released in February.

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