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Gentner Ships Lynx System for GSC3000

Gentner Ships Lynx System for GSC3000

Gentner Communications Corporation has begun shipping its Lynx software for the GSC3000 remote facilities management product.
The GSC3000 allows radio and television stations to monitor and control remote transmitter sites from a central location. The Lynx software enables station engineers to configure, program and access any site on a GSC3000 network.
It is also designed to boost the speed and reliability of communication between those sites and lets the user pre-schedule tasks such as logging and capturing stored data, printing reports and configuring user-defined jobs. In addition, users can access historical information from any networked GSC3000 unit.
Lynx now comes as standard software on all GSC3000 systems and is available to current GSC3000 users as an upgrade path.
b. m. cox