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GeoBroadcast Secures Patent

Targeted broadcasting technology takes a step forward

Transmission technology specialist GeoBroadcast Solutions has announced that it has been granted a patent for “key innovations in its MaxxCasting radio coverage optimization system.”

According to the company, its technology allows for greater and more even signal penetration within a station’s broadcast pattern. That it is, through the use of signal modeling, algorithms and a network of smaller, cell-style transmitters with lower antennas and highly defined patterns, it alleviates blindspots and weak reception areas. In addition, the technology allows for the smaller transmitters to receive separate content (e.g. commercials) that could be targeted at specific areas within the larger market broadcast pattern.

GeoBroadcast Solutions Chief Technology Officer Bill Hieatt said, “Our research has shown that across the United States as a whole, close to 20% of the population in the top 30 markets that FM broadcasters could legally reach are not actually receiving such signals. … That’s a huge, untapped audience for advertising that could contribute right to broadcasters’ bottom line, but previous approaches have generally had limited success in solving the problems.”

He explained, “The grant of this patent demonstrates and further validates the unique and innovative nature of our MaxxCasting solution, while our successful commercial deployments prove that it delivers on its promises. The patent also helps protect our customers’ investments in MaxxCasting, ensuring that the innovations and advantages we bring them can’t simply be copied by either their competitors or ours.”

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