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GeoBroadcast Solutions Receives ZoneCasting Patent

Company says its tech delivers OTA, targeted “hyper-local” advertising

GeoBroadcast Solutions has received a patent for its geo-targeting technology.

Called ZoneCasting, the technology delivers over-the-air, targeted “hyper-local” advertising opportunities for businesses, down to specific zones across a single market. GBS says the patent grant makes deployment “a realistic proposition for the very near future.”

GBS CTO Bill Hieatt calls ZoneCasting “the first true dynamic ad insertion opportunity” for over-the-air radio on a geographical basis; the company hopes for FCC approval, “clearing the way for Zonecasting deployments that will bring revenues from a fractured marketplace back to the terrestrial airwaves.”

GBS filed a provisional patent to protect the ZoneCasting concept in 2009. GBS partners with GatesAir for transmission and IP distribution equipment, and with Jampro for antennas and combiners.

After receiving FCC Experimental Authorization grants, two successful field tests were conducted in 2010 (Salt Lake City) and 2011 (Sebring, Fla.), followed by simulations and listening tests in 2012, we’ve reported. Each of these events offered significant value and insight into proper zone location, system design, coverage modeling and optimization for ZoneCasting deployments, according to the company.

GBS continues to develop the ZoneCasting concept as the final FCC rulemaking phase moves toward completion. The company has filed two additional patent applications since 2010 that will allow for further refinement and optimization of the ZoneCasting architecture, according to company executives.

GBS VP Global Sales and Business Development Hal Kneller says, “The ZoneCasting patent approval underlines the unique character of the ZoneCasting design, and our thorough testing and significant technology partnerships instill exceptional confidence in our design philosophy. Our mobile network-like approach enables broadcasters to deliver a very robust and high-quality signal with targeted ad insertions.”

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