George Massenburg Labs Names U.S. Distributor

George Massenburg Labs Names U.S. Distributor
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George Massenburg Labs appointed Transamerica Audio Group to handle U.S. distribution of its audio products. Hoping to free itself for what it does best - research and design - GML wants Transamerica Audio Group to get the word out and make GML gear more accessible.
GML is partnered with Manley Labs, Inc. to handcraft many of its products in the Manley Labs Chino, Calif. facility. The GML product line includes parametric equalizers, microphone preamplifiers, dynamics processors, noise filters, A/D converters and automation systems. A new processor, the Single Channel Integrated Input Channel GML 2020 will be on the show floor at AES New York Nov. 30 - Dec. 3.
For more information, contact Transamerica Audio Group in Nevada at (702) 365-5155 or visit them on the World Wide Web at