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Germany Keeps Traffic Moving With Mediamobile

The country broadcasts info over DAB+

Germany has launched its first national traffic service on DAB+ digital radio, using the TPEG protocol and Traveller Information Services Association member Mediamobile’s V-Traffic DAB services.

Two new V-Traffic DAB services are now broadcasting live traffic alerts (TEC) and traffic flow information (TPP). TEC covers accidents, road closures and construction. TFP provides travel speed information, with updates on congestion on the national road network.

Mediamobile aims to be part of the shift from analogue (RDS-TMC) to digital radio (DAB-TPEG), and the company plans to launch V-Traffic DAB services in other European countries this year. Mediamobile says it strives to offer a comprehensive range of DAB-TPEG services to the European market.

Mediamobile has opened local office near Stuttgart to support the launch.