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Germany Pushes to Ban FM Radio Sales Post 2019

Culture Committee believes it will assist in DAB uptake

FM-only radio receivers could be taken off the shelves entirely in Germany after 2019, if the Culture Committee of the Federal Council’s recommendation is taken into effect. Der Spiegel reported that the Culture Center wants the sales of pure FM radios to be stopped after 2019 to increase the uptake of DAB/DAB+ radios.

This amendment to the Telecommunications Act was introduced in August, says Radioszene, and recommends that manufacturers should be required to only build radios that also support DAB+. The amendment is not subject to approval in parliament, and can be regarded as only a recommendation.

ARD Chairman Karola Willie wants to take it a step further by making the recommendation official regulation, as well as calling for the installation of multi-standard chips in new radio devices that will allow them to receive DAB+ and IP radio in cars.