Get the Word Out: Go to the Movies

Get the Word Out: Go to the Movies
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If your station is looking for a place to advertise, you might want to do it in the local movie theatre.
According to a study from Arbitron, American cinema audiences regard advertising before movies as more interesting than ads seen on television and more acceptable than ads on the Internet. It said more than two-thirds of moviegoers and seven out of every 10 young adults said they did not mind the advertising that plays before the movie begins.
"Worldwide, nearly a billion dollars is spent in cinema advertising, little of it in the United States," stated Pierre Bouvard, president of new ventures for Arbitron Inc.


Gay Radio Gets a Coming Out

Many ethnic or interest groups now can find a place on the dial that plays their tunes. For some programmers the next logical population segment to merit a targeted format is the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual/transgender community.