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Global, Dalet Team Up For Digital Audio Infrastructure

Global, Dalet Team Up For Digital Audio Infrastructure
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Global Radio S.A., developing satellite digital radio for Europe, is collaborating with Dalet a.n.n. to design digital audio infrastructure for Global Radio's broadcasting facility to be located in Luxembourg and operational by 2005. Dalet developed a similar system for XM Satellite Radio. The Global Radio system will likely encompass live studio, live-assist and automated capabilities, as well as multilingual programming, a variety of data applications, editing, commercial insertion, security and resource management, and cost tracking.
Global aims to offer Europeans between 70 to 140 channels of subscription-based satellite-delivered digital audio radio. Global recently signed Delphi to develop Global Radio-compatible digital car radios and selected SG Cowen as investment banker to lead the company's second round of financing.


'Digital' Is Different Globally

Outside this country, the Eureka-147 standard for digital audio broadcasting is in various stages of development, ranging from countries that have functioning systems in several cities, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, to countries that are expanding their offerings, as is France.