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Global Radio’s DAX Expands in Europe

Extending to 18 countries, the multilingual service aims to ease the task of buying audio advertising across continent

After a year of reportedly higher than expected growth, United Kingdom-based Global Radio has announced that it will expand its Digital Audio Exchange across 18 European countries.

DAX is Global Radio’s digital audio advertising platform that, according to the company, has grown its reach to nearly 10 million. With this expansion, Global Radio expects that number to increase to 60 million.

The main reason for expansion is the company’s growth, which Global Chief Commercial Officer Mike Gordon said during the IAB Upfronts event on Oct. 19, was verified when the firm met its three-year commercial target in the year after its launch in 2014.

According to Gordon, Global’s goal is to create a digital audio market similar to the one in the United States with services like Pandora. “We created DAX to give brands access to the digital audio market in one singly buy,” he said.

DAX’s expansion is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2016.

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