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Global Spice Now Manufacturing Nexus-Branded Gear

Edgar, Neb.-based company acquired Nexus name, online store

Beginning today Global Spice LLC has started manufacturing Nexus-branded broadcast transmission equipment out of Edgar, Neb.

We reported last week that Leo Ashcraft closed Nexus Broadcast, his 30-year engineering consultancy and equipment manufacturing business, citing declining health.

Dustin Williams, who owns Global Spice with his wife Stevie, tells me he’s an electronics engineer who worked with Ashcraft for several years. Global Spice acquired the Nexus Broadcast name, its online store, phone number and manufacturing division.

The Nexus website store has been updated to reflect how current and new customers can purchase equipment and the phone number remains the same, according to Williams.

Global Spice is manufacturing the Nexus brand of equipment such as transmitters and stereo generators. The acquisition marks an expansion for Global Spice, which had focused on tower erection packages and tower climbing, as well as FM and low-power FM station build-outs.

The company can ship gear now, according to Williams.